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Baby Salmon Stuffed with Caviar III (Assembly)

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Title: Baby Salmon Stuffed with Caviar III (Assembly)
Categories: Seafood, Masterchefs, Frisco, M
Yield: 2 servings

1 x Salmon Mousse *** 1 x Red Wine Sauce ***

1 ea Salmon, baby, filet (@ 5- 1 tb Chives, chopped
-- 6 oz), head, tail 1 c Wine, white
-- and skin on 2 tb Puree, shallot
3 tb Caviar 1 ea Bay leaf

Cucumber, sauteed, cut Chives, chopped
-- into strings) Eggs, salmon
Tomato, chopped Crayfish tails

*** These recipes should be prepared before hand.

For the Salmon:

Wash and salt and pepper the baby salmon. Pipe the salmon mousse into
the inside of the salmon. Add a line of caviar inside of the salmon, then
sprinkle with chives.

Close the fish. In a saute pan, heat white wine. Add shallot puree
and bay leaf. Place the fish in the saute pan (belly down) and bake in a
350 - 400 F oven for 20 minutes. When fish is cooked, remove from pan,
remove the skin and reserve in a warm place. Heat juices in saute pan for
a couple of minutes. Strain juices into a saucepan containing a wine
butter sauce (see page 28).

For the Assembly and Garnish:

Place the baby salmon on a serving dish. Ladle some of the
salmon-flavored red wine sauce over half the fish and the wine butter
sauce (flavored with the poaching liquid) over the other half.

Garnish with cucumber, tomato, chives, salmon eggs, and crayfish tails

Source: Great Chefs of San Francisco, Avon Books, 1984

Chef: Masataka Kobayashi, Masa's, Vintage Court Hotel,
: San Francisco, CA


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