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Sada Naan

---------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.03

Categories: Indian, Breads
Yield: 8 naan

4 c Flour, all purpose;450 g
5/8 c Milk; or warm water; 150 ml
2 tb Yogurt
1 tb Yeast,dried
1 ts Sugar
3 tb Ghee; or butter
2 tb Poppy seeds
1 tb Sesame seeds

------------------VARIATION: BADAMI NAAN------------------
2 c Almonds; blanched finely &
White sesame seeds

Sprinkle yeast and sugar into the hot milk or water,
leave it for 20 minutes. Sift together flour, dalt in
a large bowl, and make a well in the centre. Put
yogurt and 2 tbsp butter in the yeast mixture. Knead
well and leave it aside for 3-4 hours, in a warm place
until doubled in size.
Punch down dough and divide into 8 balls. Let it rest
for 10 minutes. Roll out each ball in the shape of
traignles or make a round disk. then pull on one side
to make a teardrop shape. Mix together 1 tsp ghee or
butter, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Spread a little
of the above mixture on each naan. Place them on a
baking tray. Cook in a preheated oven (375F/ 190C/ gas
mark 5) for 4-5 minutes until brown specks appear.
If the naan is not brown enough then put under a
preheated grill for a minute or two.
Brush each sada naan with oil or butter before baking
them. Sprinkle almonds and white sesame seeds on the
greased side of every naan. Cook in a preheated oven,
for 4-5 minutes.


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